ADVANCED: EDI training

Odette Sweden has offered an EDI training course for over 20 years now and the training has been designed as a basic training that can really suit anyone working in the Automotive Industry. Since some years back, there’s been plenty of requests to hold a more advanced EDI training, specifically for EDI integrators, EDI support personnel and so forth.

Therefore, we will offer an Advanced EDI Training, on October 14-15 2020. The training will cover a pre study of an inbound material flow to identify roles involved in the material supply, identification and choice of suitable EDIFACT messages, design of the EDIFACT messages, creating samples, analysis of the messages and so forth.

We will use a production application for analysis and testing and create mappings manually in Notepad to increase the understanding of syntax and data elements.

To be able to perform all this, the training will cover two full days, from 10.00-17.00 day 1 and 09.00-16.00 day 2.
Place: Gothenburg Setup: Group collaboration.

Cost is SEK 13 000 for member companies and SEK 15 000 for non-members. Lunch both days, and dinner day 1 as well as coffee is included.

Travel and accommodation costs are not included.


  • Process analyzis
    • From a sample inbound process, we analyze the process to identify all critical parties involved in the process.
    • When parties and roles are identified, we analyze and identify messages suitable for each part of the process.
    • We analyze and chose a barcode label for the inbound process.
  • Message development
    • When messages are identified, we create specifications, implementation guidelines and sample messages.
  • Message testing
    • When sample messages are created, we test them in an actual EDI converter and perform an analysis on syntax.
    • When tests are successful, we map them towards an actual ERP system (supplier side).
  • Supplier evaluation
    • When the above is approved, we will test the material on an actual supplier (EDI provider) for feedback.

Register for the course by sending an e-mail to with following information:

  • Name participants
  • Company
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Allergies/special diet
  • PO number/reference
  • Billing address